Terms and Conditions

An invoice will be emailed to the contact email provided upon enrolment during the 2 week holiday period before term begins. Term 1 invoices may be sent later due to the processing of new enrolments. Fees are payable via cash, cheque or Internet transfer to - 

02 0912 0050457 00

Please REFERENCE the STUDENTS FULL NAME & the NAME OF THEIR CLASS (this is on all invoices).
Unless paying via Internet ALL FEES MUST be in a sealed envelope with the student’s name & class clearly written and delivered to the office prior to the first class of term.
Please get in touch if you have any concerns regarding payment by the due date and we will do our best to come to an agreement regarding payment terms that work for you.

NEW STUDENTS AND ROLL-OVER ENROLMENTS: New students- If fees are not paid in full before classes commence and a student attends a class or classes and then withdraws, a $15 admin fee + $15 for each class will be charged until the date we are notified they will not be continuing. If we are advised after Week 4 of term a full term fee will apply. This also applies to roll -over enrolments. If we are not advised of your withdrawal a $15 admin fee + $15 for each class is charged until we are advised.

It is the person completing the enrolment forms responsibility to provide a spell checked, current email address that is checked regularly. School notices and invoices will be sent to this email account. It is their responsibility to forward any emailed info to other relevant parties in the family (in the case of blended families, other caregivers or the students themselves). It is strongly recommended that a family member or student join the Rasa Facebook group or page to access additional information. 

2.  Strictly NO REFUNDS on term fees or missed classes. Please do not miss classes unless unwell. RETURNING STUDENTS: In paying term fees you are agreeing to commit to taking your place in class for the duration of the term. For this reason, invoices are sent 2-3 weeks prior to the following term starting, to give plenty of time to advise of your withdrawal from your class.
Note: transfers to the following term are acceptable for medical reasons only by providing a medical certificate.

3.   Classes are held on all Monday public holidays and long weekends but NOT school term holidays.

4.   LATE FEE PAYING STUDENTS are not guaranteed a place in the class if the class is deemed to be full by the Principal. If fees are not paid in full by Week 4 and we have received no communication in regards to this, a 25% late fee will be added to the invoice and this will become the amount owing. If the late fee is not paid it will continue to be added to further invoices until resolved.

5.    LATE ENROLMENTS will be accepted if the class is not full – the term fee remains payable until the 4th class upon which the fee will be adjusted at the discretion of the Principal or casual rates of $15 per class will apply.

One hour class $135 inc
45 minute class $125 inc
30 minute class $115 inc (pre-school classes $110 inc)
TERM 4 please add $30 for SHOW COSTUME

‘Families’ OR ‘multiple classes per student’ discounted rates (applies to 45min & 1hour class combinations only)
3 or 4 classes per week = 10% discount
5 classes per week = 15% discount

Enrolments will roll over to the following term unless Rasa is notified of a students intent to discontinue the following term. Should a student discontinue, their place in the class will be given to the next person on the waiting list and may not be available should the student decide to reenrol at a later date.

Cedar Credit will be employed to retrieve unpaid fees. We will attempt to contact you via phone and email before this is initiated. All collection costs including any legal fees incurred will be your liability.

6. Appropriate attire must be worn to all dance classes – [refer dance class dress code notice]

7. Appropriate behavior is expected while in and around the King Edward Court Building. As our studios are in a multi-tenanted, privately owned building it is expected that our students and families are respectful of this. Please do not run, yell, fight, squirt water or leave mess etc. when attending or waiting for classes. The building manager makes the ultimate decision to refuse the right of entry in these circumstances.

8. RASA SCHOOL OF DANCE, it's teachers, employees and representatives follow health and safety regulations as required by ACC, and Health and Safety legislation and they will follow the correct protocols, taking all care in regards to the health, safety and well being of all students, while in class and during any occasions that may require the students to perform outside of the Rasa studios. With this knowledge, I release RASA SCHOOL OF DANCE of any liability for unforeseen accident or injury that may occur while attending dance classes or during the dress rehearsal or end of year shows. I am responsible for the safe drop off and pick up of my child at the appropriate times and understand that once outside the Rasa studios (this being the 2 leased rooms in the King Edward Court building, used for dance classes), that Rasa is in no way liable for the care or protection of the enrolled student or any of their family members. 

9. Any photographs or videos taken at RASA SCHOOL OF DANCE may be used for the purpose of promoting the school from time to time.

10. ALL choreography learned at RASA SCHOOL OF DANCE is the intellectual property of RASA SCHOOL of DANCE and is taught under contract and licence through other organisations and shall not be shared with the public without first gaining permission from the Principal