Exam classes

Are the exams compulsory?

While not compulsory, students enrolled in an NZAMD or Urban Ignition class are expected to sit the exam. They are a great opportunity to gain a qualification while improving technical and performance abilities, and much of the material taught is in preparation for these exams. There is no reason why a student attending classes each week and practicing at home should not do well in their exams.

Can I move up a level if I don’t sit the exam?

Certain classes allow a student to progress without sitting the exam. For others, passing the exam is a prerequisite for going up a class level. 

Are there additional costs for sitting an exam?

Yes. Rasa does not profit from the fees collected for sitting exams. These go directly to the examining organisation. Fees are set by the examining organisation and we are informed each year. The organisations do not offer refunds unless presented with a medical certificate. Late entries (examination enrolments completed and paid for after the date given by Rasa) incur a late fee.

Who are the examiners?

Urban Ignition examiners come from all over NZ and Australia.  NZAMD examiners come from all around NZ. The examiners are highly qualified teachers, trained in the syllabus they are examining. 

What is the correct exam etiquette?

Children are expected to arrive on time, in clean and tidy clothing suitable for the exam they are sitting (this will be discussed when exam notices are generated). It is a fairly formal situation so students should be polite and respectful, and refrain from fidgeting or talking among themselves while waiting their turn.

What if something comes up and I can’t sit the exam after I’ve paid and enrolled?

The examination organisations have set dates all around the country to examine hundreds of dance schools so we are unable to change the schedule. Students sitting an exam are expected to make sure they are available to attend on the examination date.

What is the difference between NZAMD HipHop and Urban Ignition (UI) HipHop?

They are slightly different hip hop styles offered by two different examining organisations. Both require students to show competency, skill,  and performance ability in the exam although UI marks more technically. Some students choose to do both Urban Ignition and an NZAMD class. For instance, if they would like to come to 2 classes a week and sit 2 exams (eg. UI Level 2 can be teamed with Pre grade-3, or, older students can opt for an extension class, this is after discussion with the principal). Choose a class on a day and time that suits you the best. Both syllabus' are great!


New enrolments

Please read our Terms & Conditions for additional information regarding enrolments.


Can I come and watch a class?

Having extra people in the class can be distracting, so we don't allow observers. We open up the last class of every term for the last 10 minutes at the end  to show parents what the students have been learning that term. Our end of year show at the Regent Theatre also gives friends, family, and prospective students the opportunity to see what our dancers have been working on throughout the year.

Can I try a class before I commit to the term?

We do not offer trial classes, preferring our students to commit to the school terms (9-11 weeks).Over the past 14 years we've noticed that it usually takes more than one class for new students to settle in, gain confidence, and get used to being a part of a dance class. Many of our classes have waiting lists, which makes it difficult to prioritise a student who just wants to 'check it out' over those who would like to commit for a term. Our experienced teachers understand that taking a dance class might be well outside the comfort zone of some students, and they are trained to help new students develop their confidence in a supportive environment.  

Do you offer a family discount?

Yes, we offer discounts for families or individuals taking three or more one hour classes per term.