End of Year Show

Please make sure you are familiar with all the information about our End of Year Show.

The Rasa Show 2019 (end of year showcase) will be at the REGENT THEATRE on SUNDAY DECEMBER 8th. Dress rehearsal will be at the Regent Theatre on Saturday December 7th.



Tickets will be on sale from the REGENT THEATRE or ticketdirect.co.nz

If you have very young children in the show it is advised to book your seats downstairs so you are close by your child at the end of the show.

COSTUME – Everyone needs a new show t-shirt every year. We have found that this is the most cost effective and reusable way of making the show look smart and unified and it then becomes the following year's uniform. The cost of the T-shirt will be added to your term 4 fees. You will also be required to gather a few extra items, costing between $2 and not more than $20. 

DRESS REHEARSAL This is compulsory for everyone. 

DRESS REHEARSAL means full show costume! We need to see how things look and make sure nothing is going to fall off at show time. * It is very frustrating for us and embarrassing for the children if parents forget to get their child in costume on this day *

More Information will be given leading up to the show. This will be updated on the rasaschoolofdance Facebook page and the RASA SCHOOL OF DANCE Facebook group. Please make sure you are a member of these groups and that you check www.rasaschoolofdance.com for information.